The Interrupters – Pacific Amphitheater

July 30, 2015
Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa, CA

Los Angeles’ own ska/punk revolution, The Interrupters, opened for The Offspring last Thursday night at the Pacific Amphitheater’s Summer Concert Series. An early evening, weekday gig, The Interrupters went on while the sun was still shinning over the Orange County Fair and though they opened to a bleak crowd, the stadium filled steadily as the set roared into sunset.

Playing their usual set from their Hellcat Records produced self-titled album, The Interrupters surprised fans with a new single, “Babylon” which held true to this good time, family oriented, blue-color working class band. The set was fun and begged active dancing from the thin, but steadily building Offspring crowd.

Lead singer, Amy Interrupter made note that the stadium seating (and amphitheater rules) were a far cry from their usual dance floor/mosh pit supporting bar venues. The crowd heard her frustration and, as it grew, so too did the number of people defying security and the people behind them to dance and sing along with the catchy songs of brotherhood and loyalty.

If you had Offspring tickets last Thursday night and opted to miss The Interrupters you made a big mistake, one you should definitely rectify on their next leg through Orange County. You will have to wait a while though; The Interrupters are starting an east coast tour with Rancid… Something good is finally going to happen on the east coast! If you haven’t had the honor of listening to The Interrupters check them out before they stop playing venues that promote rowdy, interactive fun; The Interrupters are most at home in a bar setting.

Sarah Tonin –
13 Stitches Magazine Reviewer

I always enjoy seeing The Interrupters and every time we see them they appear to have more energy and a better stage show. Aimee has a quality about her that is endearing. She captivates you with her smile – her voice has a strength that is reminiscent of the Distillers when they are singing their punk songs. When The Interrupters are playing ska they totally remind me of Rancid songs like Old Friend, they have a great song (My Family) with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong that you can hear on the radio pretty regularly. I can’t help but smile when I watch them perform. The Bivona brothers are great too, I remember when they brought their father up on the stage with them to accompany on trombone at the Anaheim House of Blues, they are a true musical family! There was a great moment during the show when Elvis Cortez (Transplants Guitarist) joined the band on stage. To sum it up, The Interrupters are worth seeing in person. Bring the whole family, my kids love The Interrupters and you will too!

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Sarah Tonin

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