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Southern California based Bad Religion took the stage at the annual Orange County Fair Concert Series. A large auditorium, the Pacific Amphitheater has hosted big names for decades, and in spite of the rows of seats from the back of the stadium to the floor, it continues to produce some of the best live music sound around.

In true Bad Religion tradition, their show was political, motivating, and professional. Bringing a higher standard to the alternative music scene, Bad Religion demands respect from a wide array of fans. I love going to Bad Religion shows, businessmen and punks, young and seasoned, exuding music enthusiasm. Bad Religion appeals to a large audience making for an always stellar and memorable concert-going experience. Lead singer, Greg Graffin connected with his band and his audience, delivering the trademark powerhouse performance that fans have come to expect of Bad Religion. The highlight of the evening was when Graffin suggested the band’s Canoga Park roots, prompting fans, who were taken by enthusiasm and a desire to show their appreciation of the band’s influence on the music scene, to respectfully decline security’s suggested stadium protocol, ejecting the folding seats in the pit before exploding, in true Punk rock tradition, into a tenacious quarry of O.C. style, brotherly pitting and crowd surfing. The band’s encore echoed the tradition of their influential sound with “Infected” (Stranger Than Fiction, 1994), holding the attention of their fans to the last cord.

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